The race isn’t over yet!

Dad grew up in Indiana following the Indy Car Series and the Andrettis, but he’d also watch a little NASCAR as well. Several years back we started really getting into NASCAR; it didn’t take Bradley long to find his favorite driver, Jimmie Johnson. Though Bradley had all the 48 gear; the t-shirts, hoodies, bead spread, and more diecasts than I can count, the entire family became fans of the 48 and Hendrick Motorsports.

One of our favorite races happened a few years back…

Jimmie was doing really well in this particular race. And then he wrecked the car. He’d run a few laps, and come onto Pit Road so the team could slowly rebuild the car. Despite the wreck, the damage, and the repairs he finished really well that race. If I’m remembering correctly, he almost won the race–with the entire back end of the car COVERED IN DUCT TAPE. Jimmie knew the car was damaged but he didn’t know the extent of the damage or how much tape was holding the back of the car together until he finished the race and got out of the car!

If I’m being honest 2020 has been rough to say the least!

I’ve really struggled with my attitude. Focusing on each day as it comes, and not worrying, or rather dwelling on the one million ways things could, possibly, just maybe go wrong. I’ve been very angry at the way that I’ve seen things play out. I’m frustrated and discouraged feeling like there’s so much at stake and so little I can do to change it. I’ve let my circumstances determine my joy and my happiness. I haven’t been acting like I should taking my frustrations out on those around me.

Mom and I were having yet another discussion about this and she compared life to a NASCAR race.

I’ve been driving around the track getting distracted by the train wrecks around me that it’s causing me to wreck my car! I asked her what I do considering that I’ve already wrecked my car. She reminded me of this race. How even though Johnson wrecked the car, he listened to his crew chief, accepted the help from his pit crew, and gave his all out on the track. And Johnson finished that race well.

Similarly, I have to listen to my crew chief–God. I have to let Him do what He does best. Work it out. Is it going to be as smooth and pretty as I had hoped? Probably not. Will it be good? YES, maybe not on this side of Heaven, but ultimately it will be good. I have to accept the help of my pit crew–my friends and family. Let them help repair the broken parts and get me back on the track, listen to what they say, and apply what I can to my life! And lastly, I have to give it my all. I have to try. Johnson could have decided that the wreck was just too much and give up…sure he’d finish, but not in the way he wanted to. He wanted to win and he did all he could to get there!

As Christians, we know that if we follow God and do what He says we will ultimately get to Heaven. But life as a Christian is not just accepting Jesus and sitting in a pew on Sunday. It’s how we live our day to day lives, where we place our hope, our trust, and our faith. It’s doing all that we do for HIS glory. Ignoring the voices that say we’re not good enough and that this is hopeless. Even if they’re our own, because we know that nothing is impossible with Jesus on our side.

Until next time,

Bailey Sue