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The Reality of Christmas

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We were sitting around the fireplace talking about Christmas. How it’s changed over the years as we’ve gotten older. The last few things that we want to do before the big day and the last of the movies that we want to watch.

And something occurred to us. It seems that almost every Christmas movie has a happy ending. You arrive at home just in time to eat Christmas Dinner, all misunderstandings are suddenly resolved by Christmas Day, and you manage to fall in love and get engaged in just a few weeks. (How that manages to happen I will NEVER figure out…).

But here’s the thing, as good as those movies and shows are that isn’t a reality for many people.

Some people are celebrating the first of many Christmases without a loved one. For others it’s yet another Christmas–another reminder that a dear loved one isn’t there to celebrate with. Some are overseas unable to get home  or talk to their family because they are making sure that the rest of us can celebrate with our families.

Having a brother that’s a firefighter I’ve come to realize this in a different way. I always knew that there were military members that couldn’t be home for Christmas but I never thought about the local first responders. They may be minutes away from home yet unable to be there. Around here firefighters/first responders work 24 hours. So if they were to work Christmas Day they arrive at 7 am and get to go home at 7 am the 26th.

There are other reasons that Christmas may be different this year. You or a family member may be in the hospital due to an illness, injury, or an unforeseen circumstance. Maybe you’re estranged from family this holiday season or the means just aren’t there to travel home this year.

If you’re experiencing a new reality this Christmas I want you to know that you’re not alone. One of my favorite artists Steven Curtis Chapman knows this all too well and he wrote a song in an effort to encourage others that may just not be feeling the Christmas spirit this year. It’s called “Christmas Card”. I really encourage you to look this song up. Save it to your playlist, buy it, or listen to it on YouTube.

For the rest of us–As we go about our Christmas festivities let’s not forget those around us that may be struggling with a new reality this Christmas. Let’s remember to pray for them. If possible reach out–send them a card, invite them to join your Christmas Dinner, or create a gift basket with some of your favorite goodies.

It doesn’t have to be much. It doesn’t have to be flashy. Just something so that they know that they are loved and thought of not only by you but by God.

“And I’m thinking, as we celebrate, how love came down
So that every lost and lonely broken heart would get found,
And wherever you are, I hope this Christmas card finds you and reminds you that you are loved”
**Steven Curtis Chapman–“The Christmas Card”**

Until next time,

Bailey Sue