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The Strength He gives…

“Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” ~Psalm 37:4

I want to be honest with you for a minute here. I have thought about hanging up this blog and getting a “real” job? Why? Because quite frankly starting your own business is hard. It seems to me that every time I think I make a good amount of progress I realize that there’s one little thing I forgot to look into.

And then I take a step back and realize how far I have come; how far God has led me. I ask myself if I would be really happy working for someone else and if I could really let all of this go. The answer is always the same, no, I  couldn’t give this up and no I wouldn’t be happy with a “real” job. I know that, but it’s really nice when God reminds me of the same thing.

He reminds me that He has given me so many opportunities. Opportunities to grow and change and challenge myself. I am reminded that He has answered so many prayers…prayers that I didn’t even pray; just because He can.

God has continued to remind me in the best ways that you have to actually look for the good in life, and you can’t stop pursuing a dream just because it’s hard. You have to keep going; keep pressing on. Trusting God that in the end, He will reveal the answers in His time.

Life is full of challenges; full of things that are hard. It always will be; but in the end, If God has given you a dream, He will give you the strength to see it through. Always remember that. He gives you the strength to finish what you started;  just like He always finishes what He starts in us.

I just wanted to remind you today not to give up on the dreams that He has planted in your heart. He gave them to you for a reason and He will help you finish the job in His time. Don’t ever give up. Keep pressing on. Search for the answers, Ask God for wisdom and guidance. He will give you what you need in His time.

Until next time,

Bailey Sue