Corn Smut

There is a Fungus Among Us… 😮

This week we’ve been able to harvest a couple more zucchini that we’ve enjoyed eating roasted, more beans that we’ve blanched and frozen, & even made some pickles!

We harvested even more Banana Peppers, a few Jalapeños, & the very first ripe apples off of OUR Columnar Apple Trees! Thankfully we have a ton of green tomatoes coming on! Our corn is starting to tassel and the pumpkins & squash are growing bigger in their hammocks!

However, we’ve noticed something else too…Disease has claimed a few of our plants. 😥

Earlier this week while looking at the garden Dad & Bradley noticed this fungus on the Bloody Butcher Corn & mealy bug on one of our Sweet Corn stalks. According to our research, the fungus on the Bloody Butcher Corn pictured below is called Corn Smut & it’s actually edible 🥴 but we have NO intention of eating it. So, we’ve pulled out 2 stalks of corn & burned them to prevent the smut from spreading.

We also had to harvest 2 full plants of green tomatoes because the plants were dying! So now, the dining room window sill is doubling as a tomato ripening station.

As sad and frustrating as it is to have to pull plants before we’ve harvested the fruit it’s necessary. Unlike the popular Osmonds song, one bad apple really does spoil the whole bunch. If we’d left the plants the fungus & disease could have easily spread to the entire patch of corn or the rest of the tomatoes. And that is far worse than losing 4 plants. It’s all about perspective

“A little leaven leavens the whole lump.”
~Galatians 6:9

Until next time,
Bailey Sue