Trailblazing Vacation Bible School set

Trailblazing through Vacation Bible School…

“…but Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”
~Matthew 19:14

Life is crazy right now. Our church is right in the middle of our Vacation Bible School and this is the first time I have had the privilege of teaching a class. I have helped in years past but this year I was given the opportunity to plan and help teach all the lovely little babies at our church.

Although I am not yet a parent, I am beginning to see some things in a different light and look back at how things were when I was a participant. And l have learned a lot! Vacation Bible School is as hard as it is rewarding. Coordinators and teachers put hours and hours of work in and children aren’t predictable. What worked one night may not work the next three–things are constantly changing.

As much work and stress that Vacation Bible School can bring I know that it is absolutely worth it. I may not remember every single aspect of every single Vacation Bible School I have been to; but I do have some memories of various Vacation Bible School’s that I have been to throughout the years–memories that have made an impact on who I am today.

I know that it’s hard and the nights are long–kids’ schedules are off and they’re tired and you’re past tired–you’re just plain exhausted. But let me tell you: IT IS WORTH IT. Keep going. You are making an impact no matter how small. Something that is said or done today may be the very reason those kids are sitting in a pew on Sunday morning. We just don’t know. And we may never know. But that’s not the point.

The point of all of this; the heart behind Vacation Bible School is to teach children about the love of God. We don’t do it so that we as teachers have our names listed in the “thank you for your really hard work” letter. We do it because we love God and want to serve Him by serving His children. As parents we don’t rush through dinner, invite little friends, plan crazy hair and mismatched outfits so our kids can get a “perfect attendance” award at the end of week. We do it because we love God and we love our kids.

And most importantly, whatever we do whether that be teach a Vacation Bible School class, help with food, bring children, invite friends, or just show up for support, we do this for God. To bring glory and honor to Him.

Until next time,

Bailey Sue