Small Red and White Roses

Visiting, Planting, & Cleaning

It’s been a really good week. Progress has been made, projects have been completed, and prayers have been answered just since Tuesday. It’s been a little rainy but it’s good for the garden. We bought quite a few pretty flowers to plant in pots on the front porch, the sun is shining, and I’m in the last 35 minutes of my audiobook–and it just got really good. I had to enact quite a bit of self-discipline to pause it long enough to type this out!

A week ago, my Grandparents came down for the day to visit. We met up at Cracker Barrel to have lunch and celebrate Bradley and Billie Jo’s Birthdays. It’d been several months since we’d seen them so a visit was long overdue. We spent quite a bit of time just talking, laughing, and sharing stories. I don’t know about your family but for us, Cracker Barrel is a free- for- all. We all order food but once it arrives we all share, passing plates and forks around. After eating we drove by the boarded-up house Bradley worked at the week before.

Once we made it home we had cappuccinos and visited some more before they headed home. I’m really thankful that we were able to visit them, they had a safe trip coming and going, and that I got TWO of Grandma’s long bear hugs (They’re my favorite)!

Over the rest of the long weekend, we managed to rest, clean out the shed and plant the majority of this year’s garden! We just need 6 Lemon Boy tomatoes to finish it off. Hopefully, we’ll find them over the weekend while we run a few errands. And to make a great week even better…the Hummingbirds have come back! Just yesterday I was sitting out in the Sunroom and two Sparrows landed on the Herb Garden fence! I just need to remember to top off the Oriole Feeder and make some fresh Hummingbird food before the weekend is up!

This weekend is one that I’m looking forward to as well. A relatively quiet night at home, planting flowers, running a few errands, and Sunday’s the first Sunday morning since March of 2020 that we’ll be attending worship with our entire Church family.

Until next time,
Bailey Sue