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Waiting for the BEST!

Last night while doing our nightly Bible reading I was really surprised by what I found in 1 Samuel 13…

Samuel the Priest told King Saul to wait for him to offer a sacrifice. Sounds easy enough right? WRONG! Saul waited the 7 days that Samuel told him to, but Samuel didn’t show. The people were in battle and not faring well. In fact, the Bible says that the people with Saul had scattered…

So, Saul took matters into his own hands. He offered the burnt offering to the Lord. As soon as he had finished offering the sacrifice Samuel came. It turns out that because Saul had offered the sacrifice instead of waiting for Samuel to come (LIKE HE SAID HE WOULD), Saul’s kingdom will end.

Saul grew fearful and worried that Samuel wouldn’t show up as he said he would. Now, there will be another man “after God’s own heart” (13:14) that will come and HIS kingdom will be established forever.

I don’t know about you, but I often find myself in the same boat as Saul… Waiting on God and growing increasingly anxious. Fearful that God won’t come through and desperately wanting to take matters into my own hands. But here’s the thing, if I take life into my own hands what could I potentially be missing out on?

We’re all waiting for something. Marriage, children, grandchildren, more money, a promotion at work, a new car, the day the baby will finally be out of diapers, etc., etc. But when we think that God is moving too slow and we get a little impatient REMEMBER. Remember that God IS working behind the scenes in ways that we can’t see, opening doors, closing others, protecting us, and crafting His VERY BEST plan for our lives; the one that will bring Him the most glory.

REMEMBER Saul and all those countless others, those around you that have waited and waited on God and have found Him faithful. Look into His word, Abraham, Joseph, Ruth, Esther; they too had to wait on God. They placed their trust in Him and WAITED on God to move and THEN they followed HIS LEAD. His timing is ALWAYS PERFECT!

Yes, waiting is hard. Yes, waiting is uncomfortable, but it doesn’t have to be miserable! We can find JOY in every day because we know that God is here with us in the waiting and has crafted each day with a little something good. Enjoy each day because someday in the not-so-distant future you’re going to miss this season. Soak it up for all it’s worth!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue (:

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