Children's Halloween Costumes

Wanting to be like…

Superheroes seem to be really popular…especially at Halloween. The stores are full of pint sized Spiderman, Batman, and Superman costumes. 

Growing up Bradley was very into Spiderman. (I’m referring to the old Spiderman movies starring Tobey McGuire). In fact it wasn’t uncommon for him  to climb walls and try to shoot spiderwebs from his wrist as a child. And now just a few short years later we’ve got so many more Superheroes…

I seriously had NO idea that there were that many…And it seems like we all wish that we had some of their powers. I mean, really…How cool would it be to fly or scale the rooftops? Superheros always seem to make everything better…However we need to be mimicking the One who has the power to change individual hearts and the course of Nations. Jesus Christ.

As Christians we want God to be working in us so that we can be more like Him. More loving, compassionate, and selfless. One of the ways that we can be more like Jesus is by choosing to do as He would if He were in our situation. Remember the little acronym WWJD? What Would Jesus Do?

We can know what Jesus was like while He walked on the earth; how He treated people, His compassion, and the love that He had for humanity by reading His Word and doing our best to emulate it. We will never be able to emulate Jesus perfectly; no one can (see Romans 3:23). But God promises that He will help us do what He wants us to do…He is weak when we are strong (Psalm 46:1, 2 Corinthians 12:9-11).

Until next time,

Bailey Sue