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Warm and Cozy Fall Favorites

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This time of the year has always been my favorite. There seems to be something special just right around the corner. A sweet anticipation in the air. As the days get chilly, leaves begin to turn and the nights get darker there’s so many things that I look forward to. So, today I thought I’d share a few of my favorite Fall things with you!

1) The Fall Sky

I don’t know if it’s just me but the sky seems to be just a little different this time of the year. The colors seem darker, richer and brighter than before. I’ve always been fascinated by the changing sky and trying to capture that beauty. But there’s just something very unique and different about the Fall sky…

2) Sweaters, boots and jeans!

I’m honestly not a huge fan of jeans. I practically live in jeggings, sweatpants or pajama bottoms. I guess that’s the homeschooler coming out in me. (; Why wear some squishy pants if I don’t even have to leave the house or people??) BUT, when this time of the year rolls around I really do enjoy putting on a nice pair of jeans, a comfy sweater, and some boots! However, the minute I get home I usually revert right back to my comfy pants! (;

3) Soup, soup and more soup

I have many different favorite foods but this time of the year I crave soup. There’s just something soothing about eating a nice warm bowl of soup. It seems to warm you from the inside and remind you that no matter how challenging the day was, God is still good , He still loves you, and tomorrow is a brand new day! Soup is my ultimate comfort food!(:

In the last year or two, we’ve expanded our cookbook collection and found several new favorite recipes. There’s even a whole cookbook devoted to soup! Especially this time of the year we consult it almost once a week. And if you’re looking for a great biscuit recipe look at page 506! We also found a cookbook that has all sorts of festive Fall foods. This year I made a new cake for my birthday using this cookbook and it also contains one of my (new) favorite soups–Halloween Hash (page 77)! It’s super simple and really yummy!

4) Candles, oil lamps + nights in front of the fire

Oreo by the fire_with Blog URL

Looking back I’m not quite sure how we went 20 years without a fireplace. A time or two we had those plugin ones with the little heater but we didn’t have a real wood burning stove until we moved here almost 2 years ago now. And you know what? I LOVE it. Cutting all the wood isn’t quite as fun but having a nice a toasty fire sure is!

Another thing that we LOVE to do is light all the candles, and oil lamps in the evening. It gives the house a nice warm ambiance and makes us feel just a little more old fashioned! I find it quite relaxing to curl up on the couch in some comfy clothes, wrapped up in a nice warm blanket…

If it gets really cold I also enjoy standing smackdab right in front of the fireplace. It’s quite warm and toasty. Although be on the look out for the critters. Oreo quite literally parks herself about a foot from the door and has been known not to evacuate even when her fur got singed…True story. She even got mad when we tried to help her. Trinity enjoys looking at the flames and will ask you to move…(we have some really strange pets…).

5) Our Fall DVD’s!

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Our family isn’t into the gory and icky parts of Halloween but we do enjoy dressing up and all the cutesy pumpkins and such. Over the years we’ve come across a few movies that we love to watch this time of the year.

There’s “Casper the Friendly Ghost”, “A Charlie Brown Halloweenand “Disney’s Happy Haunting”. And let’s not forget about “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” cartoon narrated by Bing Crosby!

6) Pumpkin Spice Creamer

For some reason this favorite Fall item seems almost impossible to find, but yet I can easily find the Peppermint??? Anyway, I love this stuff. I’ll occasionally put it in coffee, but what I really like to do is make a cup of hot cocoa using coffee and then add the creamer to that. I find that on those chilly days I enjoy drinking a cup while watching some T.V. in the evenings. So far this Fall we’ve had a couple of really nice bonfires and we even had popcorn and hot chocolate out by the fire. The hens were even excited and tried to join us…

What are some of your fall favorites? Tell me in the comments below and I might just try it!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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  1. Funny story. I was actually quite terrified of “Casper” when I was younger. Especially the year that we experienced a tornado the night after we watched it…But it’s been a movie that I’ve grown to enjoy over the years. (: If your library doesn’t have a copy, I know that Amazon has several different ones you can choose from. (:

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