Wyatt saying "Hi' to Dad

Week in Review!

Spring is nearly here! The birds are starting to come around, squirrels are more active, and the temperature is warming up–we’ve even had to open a few windows! Honestly, with all the sunshine and temperatures in the 70s, we feel like we should be outside doing something but sadly, there’s not much to do in mid-March. It’s too cold to plant the garden, and too early to start a major project (given the possibility of snow next week).

So, we’re taking advantage of the nice weather when we can and getting outside and soaking up some sun. Making time to sit out on the porch or going for a walk at the local Rec Center with Wyatt.

Tri-Color Treats Dog Bakery has officially been in business for six months so we’re reevaluating.

Seeing what worked and what didn’t. Making plans to expand the line of treats that we have and figuring out what shows and Farmer’s Markets we want to attend this year. Brainstorming better ways to advertise and getting everything organized before our busy season starts. We transformed our formal dining room into part-time bakery. All the cookie cutters, packaging supplies, some ingredients, and show supplies have been organized and put neatly into plastic draws and an extra shelf that we had been storing in the attic.

This week we also celebrated a couple of holidays!

Pi(e) day was on Monday and I got to have full creative control making dinner! Basically, I tell Mom what I want to make and she tells me if I get to do it however I want. Typically we make Chicken Pot Pie and a Cherry Pie, but this year I wanted something a little different.

So, I decided to make a couple of homemade pizzas for dinner and homemade peach pie for dessert! I started by looking up a simple recipe to turn home-canned peaches into pie filling. The recipe is actually designed to turn any canned fruit (storebought or home-canned) into pie filling. It worked really well, was super easy, using very few ingredients, and is definitely something we’ll use again.

While I had been in the kitchen and helped with making pizza dough and pie crust before I’d never actually done it by myself.

Getting the dough thin enough to cover the entire pan without creating a ton of holes always seemed challenging. Surprisingly, it’s not that hard! It’s not the prettiest pie to grace the internet. BUT I learned that I can successfully make pie crust and pizza dough! Plus, it all tasted good! 😁

Several years back I made a cherry pie with Great-Grandma and she taught me how to use the extra pie crust to make little cinnamon rolls. So, naturally, I had to try it. In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting them to be that great and thought they’d be a little dry despite using a lot of butter in the crust and the filling.

I should’ve known better–Great-Grandma came up with the recipe after all! They were delicious! Light, flakey, and not dry like I expected. Even though I felt like I used too much cinnamon sugar they tasted just right! We didn’t even add glaze! 😁

Then yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day. We never do too much to celebrate this holiday. We simply make sure to wear green and have a festive meal. This year we made Shepherd’s Pie and Mom and Dad bought Mint-Chocolate Chip icecream and JoJo made Sugar cookies but didn’t ice them…yet!

This week we also took a trip to Menard’s to buy all of the things we need to start our seeds! Providing life goes according to plan, tonight we’ll start our seeds! 🤞

Until next time,
Bailey Sue