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Who’s at your Fence?

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A few months ago we noticed that one of our digital channels brought back the 90’s sitcom “Home Improvement”. Having grown up watching “Toy Story”, The Santa Clause Movies, “I’ll be Home for Christmas, and “The Lion King”; it’s been interesting to see both Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Tim Allen in “Home Improvement”.  

One of the things that I’m always reminded of while watching the show is how often we can get into trouble and where we run when we find ourselves in trouble.

Every time Tim and Jill get into some sort of argument usually Tim goes outside and chats with Wilson at the fence. Wilson gives Tim some sort of advice and then Tim goes back inside and everything ends up in a “happily ever after” sealed up package. Over the course of the show Wilson becomes the wise man next door and offers every member of the family some sort of advice.

Wilson helps Mark realize that glasses aren’t as dorky as he thought, offers Randy an encouraging word after he comes home from studying abroad in Costa Rica and finds home different than it was when he left. He helps Tim to understand the differences between him and Jill when they have a misunderstanding, offers Jill a listening ear and helps Brad see a bit of his rebellious ways.

So often because we can’t see God in the same way that we can see each other, when problems arise we run to all the wrong things. Desperately searching for an answer we look to social media, family, friends, movies, music, etc. to solve our problems or give us the peace and hope that we long for.

But something that I’m realizing is that there really is a God-sized hole in each of us. We may not want to admit it, we may think that we can handle the hard things of life without God just by relying on friends and family; but the truth is that we NEED GOD. We need Him every minute of every day.

When things in this life feel all messed up, or we’re scared, upset, angry or even just need a listening ear we need to be running to God; not the next door neighbor, Facebook or Instagram; but the God of the universe! I know that when God seems silent it’s really hard to talk to Him. We wonder if He’s even listening let alone acting on our behalf answering our prayers…

When doubts like that assault our minds we need to remind ourselves of the truth found in God’s Word!

…Remember that He cares for you (1 Peter 5:7).

…Remember that He sticks closer than a brother (Proverbs 18:24).

…Remember that His plans are good and that He works all things for your good (Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 8:28).

…Remember that He is strong enough to handle our toughest problems (Isaiah 59:1).

…Remember that nothing is too simple for Him (2 Kings 3:16-18).

…And above all Remember that He calls you Friend (John 15:15).

Until next time,

Bailey Sue