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You Are Loved…

WELCOME TO FEBRUARY! I seriously can’t believe that January is already over! It came and went way too fast! But now that February is here there are so many good things to look forward to. Spring arriving, planting a garden, getting chickens, cutting more wood, Easter, and of course Valentine’s Day.

I used to not be so fond of February. I would get depressed that I didn’t have that special someone to buy me chocolate and roses. But as I’ve grown I’ve realized a few things.

Being depressed about it won’t change it.

We are told to rejoice in every day (Phil 4:4). That’s not always easy, but the answer isn’t just to sit and pout about what we don’t have. We need to thank God for the blessings that He gives us each day and learn to embrace where He has us now. He’s got a plan that is for our good. Lean into Him and hang on. You’re going on a great adventure!

I do have people that love me and support me.

Sure, I may not have that one “special someone” just yet. But I am surrounded by people who love and support me just as I am. They genuinely want what’s best for me and will remind me (in love) when I’m doing something that I shouldn’t (or forget to do something that I should). I need to thank God for these people instead of bemoaning what I don’t have.

Jesus is the ultimate example of love.

So often we look to others to show us love and fill that void in our hearts when in reality the only One who can fill it is Jesus. He showed us what love really meant when He died on the cross to forgive us of our sins. He told us that there’s no greater act of love than to die for someone (John 15:13).

There’s fun memorable things to do NOW.

Life doesn’t start when I get married. I am living and breathing now. There are fun small ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day or any other day now. Often times we just have nice home-made dinner at home and watch a movie together as a family. Last year we watched “Priceless”. Memories don’t always have to cost a fortune.

Extend the love.

One of the things that I was also reminded of is the need to extend this great love to someone else. John 13:34 tells us that we are to “…love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.” Sometimes extending this love is done in big ways. But often times it’s the little acts of love that mean the most. Cleaning the kitchen, doing some extra chores (or in my case actually doing the chores I’m supposed to be doing), or making dinner. There’s no age limit or expiration date. Everyone can step up and show a little bit of love without spending a cent! (:

As the days until Valentine’s Day tick away let’s remember how much God loves us each and every day and remember to share that love with someone else!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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